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Episodes appear in order of original air date which may not coincide with when they were actually filmed. Episodes that are linked have an In-Depth article.

Season 10: Episodes #304-311 | #312-319 | #320-327 | #328-333

Different Pines

Episode #304: Different Pines, Same Wind

Air Date: September 15, 1968   Written by: Suzanne Clauser   Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Irene Tedrow (Carrie Picket), John Randolph (Doctor), Herb Voland (Jason Milburn)

An old woman thinks Joe is after her land when he actually wants her out of the hands of a destructive strip miner.

Trivia: This was Irene Tedrow's third of five appearances in the series. Never a regular series player, Tedrow is probably best remembered as the kindly Mrs. Elkins who appeared occasionally on the series Dennis the Menace.


Episode #305: Child

Air Date: September 22, 1968   Written by: Jack B. Sowards   Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Yaphet Kotto (Child Barnett), John Marley (Marshal Millett), Harry Hickox (Mayor Brigham)

While Hoss is in a remote town on business, he is arrested for murder and robbery.

Trivia: This was Yaphet Kotto's first and only appearance in the series. He is the son of a Cameroon Crown Prince. He turned down the role of Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980). He feared that Lando would be killed in the movie, and that he would be forever typecast.


Episode #306: Salute to Yesterday

Air Date: September 29, 1968   Written by: John Hawkins   Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Pat Conway (Capt. Jim Harris), John Kellogg (Sgt. Ordy), Sandra Smith (Ann Purcell Harris), Carlos Rivas (Angel Montana)

The Cartwright's and Candy try to hold off Mexican Bandits. Candy discovers his ex-wife is with the group of soldiers.

Trivia: Pat Conway makes his last appearance, this time as Captain Harris, previously seen in "The Lonely Runner" and in "The Gentle Ones".

Sandra Smith makes her first appearance, as Candy's ex-wife, now, Mrs. Ann Harris, later seen in "A Darker Shadow".

Muddy Creek

Episode #307: The Real People of Muddy Creek

Air Date: October 6, 1968   Written by: Alf Harris   Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Susan Trustman (Linda), Russell Thorson (Simon), Mitch Vogel (Tommy), Hal Lynch (Haines)

Ben is in charge of a vicious prisoner and gets no help from the cowardly citizens of the town where he is holding him for trial.

Trivia: Mitch Vogel makes his first appearance on the series, later to return in Season 12 as series regular Jamie Hunter.

Passing King

Episode #308: The Passing of a King

Air Date: October 13, 1968   Written by: B.W. Sandefur   Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Jeremy Slate (Jeremy Roman), Denver Pyle (Claude Roman), Diana Muldaur (Mary Roman)

The son of a rancher to whom the Cartwrights are selling a prize bull is trying to get his father ruled mentally incompetent.


Last Vote

Episode #309: The Last Vote

Air Date: October 20, 1968   Written by: Robert Vincent Wright   Directed by: Joseph Pevney
Guest Stars: Tom Bosley (Titus Simpson), Wally Cox (Phineas Burke), Bing Russell (Deputy Clem Foster), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)

Ben sends the boys into town and they learn about an upcoming election. After a hefty bet is made between the two brothers on the outcome, they become campaign managers.

Trivia: This was Wally Cox's second and last appearance in the series. Cox was a childhood friend and sometime roommate of Marlon Brando. Upon his death, Brando was chosen to spread Cox's cremated ashes. Brando took possession of Cox's ashes from his widow in order to scatter them at sea but actually kept them hidden in a closet at his house and frequently talked to them. The Los Angeles Times on September 22, 2004, quoted Brando's son, Miko, to the effect that both his father's and Cox's ashes were scattered at the same time in Death Valley, California, following Brando's death.

Catch Can

Episode #310: Catch as Catch Can

Air Date: October 27, 1968   Written by: David Lang   Directed by: Robert L. Friend
Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Paul Richards (Amos Parker), Slim Pickens (Sheriff Gant)

Everything goes wrong for the Cartwrights and Candy in the town of Tinbucket, where rumor has it, the Ponderosa is broke.

Trivia: This was Paul Richards' third and final appearance in the series. This was also Slim Pickens' fourth and final appearance in the series. He was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1982.

Little Girl

Episode #311: Little Girl Lost

Air Date: November 3, 1968   Written by: Michael Fessier   Directed by: Don Richardson
Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Antoinette Bower (Martha Cartwright Dorcas), Linda Sue Risk (Samantha), George Mitchell (Calvin Dorcas)

Life on the ranch is disrupted by the arrival of a young girl who happens to be related to the Cartwrights.

Trivia: This was George Mitchell's third and final appearance on the series.