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Episodes appear in order of original air date which may not coincide with when they were actually filmed. Episodes that are linked have an In-Depth article.

Season 13: Episodes #390-396 | #397-403 | #404-409 | #410-415

Grand Swing

Episode #390: The Grand Swing

Air Date: September 19, 1971   Written by: Ward Hawkins, John Hawkins, William Koenig   Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Charlotte Stewart (Betsy Rush), Med Flory (Clint Rush), Ted Gehring (Harlow Trapp), Ralph Moody (Tall Pony)

Ben and Jamie travel the Ponderosa to teach Jamie about responsibility.

Trivia: This was Med Flory's third and last appearance in the series, and Charlotte Stewart's second and last appearance in the series. Stewart was married to child actor Tim Considine for four years. She also worked with controversial filmmaker David Lynch on two occasions, in the cult classic Eraserhead (1976) and the TV series Twin Peaks (1990).

Fallen Woman

Episode #391: Fallen Woman

Air Date: September 26, 1971   Written by: Ward Hawkins   Directed by: Lewis Allen
Guest Stars: Susan Tyrrell (Jill Conway), Arthur O'Connell (Dr. Samuel Hubert), Ford Rainey (Judge Simms), Johnny Lee (Peter Conway)

After Hoss testifies against her husband, the angry wife deposits her son with the Cartwrights.

Trivia: This was Susan Tyrrell's first and only appearance in the series. A bizarre, one-of-a-kind Hollywood gypsy and self-affirmed outcast, she was mostly cast in more offbeat projects. In only her fourth film, Susan earned an Academy Award nomination for her powerhouse portrayal of a cynical, low-life boozer girlfriend opposite Stacy Keach's has-been boxer in John Huston's potent but high depressing Fat City (1972).


Episode #392: Bushwhacked!

Air Date: October 3, 1971   Written by: Preston Wood   Directed by: William Wiard
Guest Stars: Peggy McCay (Pat Griswold), Richard O'Brien (Tom Griswold), David Huddleston (Dr. Scully)

Joe is found back shot in the desert. He is brought to a ranch where Ben and Hoss try to figure out just what his delirious ramblings mean and if they relate to how he was hurt.

Trivia: This is Peggy McKay's only appearance in the series. She is probably best known for her role of Caroline Brady on the long running NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives.

The dream sequences that Joe has in his delirium were edited out when this episode was broadcast on the Pat Robertson owned Family Channel.


Episode #393: Rock-A-Bye Hoss

Air Date: October 10, 1971   Written by: Preston Wood, Robert Vincent Wright   Directed by: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Stars: Patricia Harty (Cissy Porter), Edward Andrews (Bert), Ellen Moss (Elaine Summers), George Furth (Jim Pinder), Ivor Francis (Charlie)

Hoss is talked into being a judge in a Most Beautiful Baby contest.

Trivia: This is character actor Ivor Francis' second and last appearance in the series. He was the father of General Hospital star Genie Francis.


Episode #394: The Prisoners

Air Date: October 17, 1971   Written by: Arthur Heinemann   Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Michael Witney (Hank Simmons), Morgan Woodward (Sheriff Clyde Morehouse), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)

Joe accompanies an old sheriff and his felon to jail. Trouble ensues when the convict kills the sheriff and wounds Joe.

Trivia: This is Michael Witney's fourth and last appearance in the series. He was married to the model Twiggy from 1977 until his death in 1983.


Episode #395: Cassie

Air Date: October 24, 1971   Written by: True Boardman   Directed by: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Stars: Jack Cassidy (Kevin O'Casey), Diane Baker (Norma O'Casey), Lisa Gerritsen (Cassie O'Casey)

Hoss puts together a horse race to help a troubled family.

Trivia: This was Jack Cassidy's first and only appearance in the series. He was the father of David, Shaun, Ryan and Patrick Cassidy. Cassidy turned down the role of Ted Baxter on the CBS hit The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970) but did guest star as Ted's brother. Tragically, he died in 1976 in a fire started in his apartment - he fell asleep with a lit cigarette on his couch.

This was Lisa Gerritsen's first and only appearance in the series. A child actor in the 70s, she is best known for her role as Bess Lindstrom on The Mary Tyler More Show and its spinoff sitcom, Phyllis. Her grandfather, famous screenwriter True Boardman, was the writer of this script.

My Son

Episode #396: Don't Cry, My Son

Air Date: October 31, 1971   Written by: Michael Landon   Directed by: Michael Landon
Guest Stars: Richard Mulligan (Dr. Mark Sloan), Diane Shalet (Ruth Sloan), Bing Russell (Clem Foster)

The new doctor in Virginia City loses his mind when his wife deserts him after the death of their baby.

Trivia: This was Richard Mulligan's second and last appearance in the series. He was a well-known television actor, best known for his roles on the NBC series Empty Nest(1988) and on the groundbreaking ABC sitcom Soap(1977). He won two Emmys for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series. In an interesting Bonanza tie, he was married to actress Joan Hackett(Margarita, from Season Six's 'Woman of Fire') from 1966-1973.