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Episodes appear in order of original air date which may not coincide with when they were actually filmed. Episodes that are linked have an In-Depth article.

Season 14: Episodes #416-423 | #424-430

Hidden Enemy

Episode #424: The Hidden Enemy

Air Date: November 28, 1972   Written by: Stanley Roberts   Directed by: Alf Kjellin
Guest Stars: Mike Farrell (Dr. Will Agar), Melissa Murphy (Nancy Agar), David Huddleston (Myles Johnson), Gary Busey (Henry Johnson)

A young new doctor comes to Virginia City, hiding a serious addiction.

Trivia: Mike Farrell (Will) makes his only appearance on the series. Farrell is best known for his portrayal of Captain B.J. Hunnicutt on the long running CBS series M*A*S*H. A native Californian, he attended West Hollywood Grammar School with Natalie Wood and Ricky Nelson. Farrell is involved with many humanitarian causes.


Episode #425: The Sound of Sadness

Air Date: December 5, 1972   Written by: Michael Landon   Directed by: Michael Landon
Guest Stars: Jack Albertson (Jonathan May), John Randolph (Mr. Dawson), Marty McCall (Tim), Carol Lawson (Mrs. Holcombe), Irene Tedrow (Miss Gaines)

A widower tries to keep two orphans together.

Trivia: This is John Randolph's (Dawson) third and last appearance on the series. This is the second time he has appeared with Irene Tedrow (Miss Gaines) in an episode of Bonanza, the first being Season Ten's 'Different Pines, Same Wind.' Blacklisted during the McCarthy era, Randolph went on to become a familiar face on television during the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. He won the 1987 Tony award for best featured actor for his performance in Broadway Bound.

Michael Landon recycled this script for a Season 7 episode of Little House on the Prairie called 'The Silent Cry'.

Bucket Dog

Episode #426: The Bucket Dog

Air Date: December 19, 1972   Written by: John Hawkins   Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Don Knight (Tim Riley), William Sylvester (Horace Kingston), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing), Bing Russell (Sheriff Clem Foster)

Jamie forms a bond with a dog that he finds. When the owner of the dog comes to claim it, trouble begins.

Trivia: This was William Sylvester's second and last appearance on the series. He is probably best known for his supporting role as Dr. Heywood Floyd in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

First Love

Episode #427: First Love

Air Date: December 26, 1972   Written by: Richard Collins   Directed by: Leo Penn
Guest Stars: Pamela Franklin (Kelly Edwards), Jordan Rhodes (Dan Edwards), Lisa Eilbacher (Eloise), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)

Jamie befriends the wife of an unpopular schoolteacher.

Trivia: Pamela Franklin (Kelly Edwards) was originally intended to play the role of "Jenny" (played by Ann Davies) in Doctor Who (1963).


Episode #428: The Witness

Air Date: January 2, 1973   Written by: Joel Murcott, Arthur Heinemann   Directed by: Lewis Allen
Guest Stars: Sally Kemp (Kate Fallon), Stephen Nathan (Oscar Hammer), Byron Mabe (Louis Gardner), William Wintersole (Frank Schulte)

Griff goes after the only witness who can clear Candy of murder. Ben must put his trust in a fledgling lawyer, who is going up against a very successful prosecutor.

Trivia: This was Steven Nathan's (Hamner) only appearance on the series. He originated the role of Jesus in Godspell, and won the Variety Critic's Poll for Best Actor in a Musical for Godspell in 1971. Today he is behind the camera, working as a writer, producer, and story consultant.

Theodora Duffy

Episode #429: The Marriage of Theodora Duffy

Air Date: January 9, 1973   Written by: Ward Hawkins   Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Karen Carlson (Theodora Duffy), Ramon Bieri (Jonas Holt), Robert Yuro (Dody Henderickson), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)

Griff and government agent Theodora Duffy pose as husband and wife to capture a gang of war criminals.

Trivia: This was the last episode of Bonanza ever filmed.

This was Karen Carlson's only appearance on the series. Representing Arkansas, she finished as first runner-up in the 1965 Miss America pageant. Carlson was also married to the actor David Soul(Starsky and Hutch) from 1968-1977.


Episode #430: The Hunter

Air Date: January 16, 1973   Written by: Michael Landon   Directed by: Michael Landon
Guest Stars: Tom Skerritt (Corporal Bill Tanner)

Joe is stranded while making a delivery for Ben, and winds up being the 'prey' of a psychotic ex-Corporal.

Trivia: As this episode primarily deals with a hunt and chase, there is virtually no dialog at all. Tom Skerritt (Tanner) is probably best remembered for his role of Sheriff Jimmy Brock in the CBS series Picket Fences. He also portrayed Commander Mike 'Viper' Metcalf in 1986's Top Gun.