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Episodes appear in order of original air date which may not coincide with when they were actually filmed. Episodes that are linked have an In-Depth article.

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Shining Spain

Episode #228: Shining in Spain

Air Date: March 27, 1966   Written by: Elliott Gilbert   Directed by: Maury Geraghty
Guest Stars: Judi Rolin (Wendy Daniels), Woodrow Parfrey (Jim Huber), Gene Lyons (Taylor Daniels), Hal Baylor (Drummer), Robert B. Williams (Hotel Clerk)

A young woman comes to Virginia City to await her father, who he hasn't seen in five years. She finds out that his business dealings didn't bring him the success she thought they did, when he turns up broke.

Trivia: This was Gene Lyons' first and only appearance in the series. He is probably best known for his role as Commissioner Dennis Randall in the long running NBC drama Ironside.


Episode #229: The Genius

Air Date: April 3, 1966   Written by:   Directed by:
Guest Stars: Lonny Chapman (Will Smith/William Warcock Evans), Jorja Curtwright (Lydia Evans), Salvador Baguez (Jesús), Troy Melton (Draves), Raymond Mays (Joel), Grandon Rhodes (Doctor)

Hoss tries to help a drunken poet.

Trivia: This was Lonny Chapman's first of two appearances in the series. A reliable, gruff-toned character actor on stage screen and TV for over six decades who, following service in the South Pacific during World War II, graduated from the University of Oklahoma, then moved to New York City where he landed the lead in Come Back, Little Sheba.


Episode #230: The Unwritten Commandment

Air Date: April 10, 1966   Written by: Jo Pagano, William Blinn, Dan Ullman   Directed by: Gerd Oswald
Guest Stars: Wayne Newton (Andy Walker), Ann Jefferys (Miss Lily), Malcolm Atterbury (Willard Walker), Jerry Newton (Mike), Robert Cleaves (Reverend Porter)

A father does not see his son's talent as a singer and keeps him working at the family ranch.

Trivia: This was Wayne Newton's first of two appearances in the series. A world wide entertainer, he is known by the nickname 'Mr. Las Vegas.' Discovered by Jackie Gleason, he has had a number one US single - 'Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast.' Because he had a high pitched voice, many joked (wrongly) that he was effeminate or even gay. Newton once threatened Johnny Carson over jokes Carson told attacking his manhood. Carson stopped telling the jokes.

Big Shadow Land

Episode #231: Big Shadow on the Land

Air Date: April 17, 1966   Written by: William F. Leicester, Richard H. Bartlett   Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Jack Kruschen (Georgio Rossi), Brioni Farrell (Regina Rossi), Michael Stefani (Lorenzo Rossi), Penny Santon (Maria Rossi)

An Italian family turns up on the Ponderosa, looking to start a vineyard.

Trivia: This is the first of three Bonanza episodes with the Rossi Family. They appear again in Season 8's 'The Deed and the Dilemma' and Season 10's 'The Sound of Drums'. There was talk about this family being spun off into their own series, but NBC felt that such a show would be too ethnic in nature and the idea was scrapped.

The Fighters

Episode #232: The Fighters

Air Date: April 24, 1966   Written by: Robert L. Goodwin   Directed by: R.G. Springsteen
Guest Stars: Michael Conrad (Hank), Phillip Pine (Dugan), Mari Aldon (Ruby), Cal Bolder (Charlie), Gene Tyburn (Smitty), Bruce Mars (Bert), Grandon Rhodes (Doc)

Hoss seriously injures a prizefighter. Hoss' guilt over the situation makes him decide that he will never use his fists again...that is, until Joe comes home severely injured.

Trivia: This was Michael Conrad's first and only appearance in the series. A television veteran who appeared in many programs in the '50s, '60s, 70s' and early '80s, he is probably best remembered for his role as Sgt. Phil Esterhaus on the 1980's drama, Hill Street Blues, and his signature line, "Let's be careful out there." Conrad died in November 1983 from urethral cancer.

Home from Sea

Episode #233: Home From the Sea

Air Date: May 1, 1966   Written by: George F. Slavin, Stanley Adams   Directed by: Jean Yarbrough
Guest Stars: Alan Bergmann (Gilly Maples), Ivor Barry (Morgan)

Two robbers appear on the Ponderosa, one claiming to be a sailor friend of Adam's. They befriend the Cartwrights as they prepare to rob them.

Trivia: This was Alan Bergmann's first of two appearances in the series. He would later appear in Season 10's 'Mark of Guilt'. An actor in the '60s and '70s, he became an accomplished television director in the '80s, directing such shows as Barney Miller, Family Ties, Night Court and Archie Bunker's Place.

Last Mission

Episode #234: The Last Mission

Air Date: May 8, 1966   Written by: William Douglas Lansford and S.S. Schweitzer   Directed by: R.G. Springsteen
Guest Stars: R.G. Armstrong (Colonel Keith Jarrell), Tom Reese (Sergeant Devlin), Brendon Boone (Lowell), Ken Mayer (Poker), George Keymas (Chief Elkoro)

An Army colonel enlists the Cartwright's help - but what Ben and Hoss do not know is that the colonel plans to extinguish all the indians he sets his sights on.

Trivia: This was R.G. Armstrong's third and final appearance in the series. A student of Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio, Armstrong has had a long career beginning on Broadway in the early '50s. He then went west to Hollywood, appearing in 80 movies and three television series in his career, along with guest starring in 90 television series, many of them westerns.

Dollar Trouble

Episode #235: A Dollar's Worth of Trouble

Air Date: May 15, 1966   Written by: Robert L. Goodwin   Directed by: Don Daves
Guest Stars: Sally Kellerman (Kathleen Walker), Hampton Fancher (Craig Bonner), Elisha Cook Jr. (Walker), Robert Foulk (Seth), Mabel Albertson (Madam Adella)

A fortune teller spells out trouble for Hoss which includes a blue-eyed blonde, a moonshiner, and a murderous gunslinger.

Trivia: This was Elisha Cook Jr.'s first of two appearances in the series. He would later appear in Season 12's 'The Weary Willies.' One of the most familiar character actors of the mid-twentieth century, small-stature Cook would be a Hollywood immortal if only for his roles in The Maltese Falcon (1941) with Humphrey Bogart and Shane (1953). Since he was very slightly built, he has been referred to as 'Hollywood's Lightest Heavy".

This was Mabel Albertson's first and only appearance in the series. She is probably best remembered for her recurring role in the ABC comedy Bewitched, portraying Darren's mother, Phyllis Stephens. She also was a recurring character on four episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, portraying Mrs. Sprague, Howard's mother. She was the sister of actor Jack Albertson, star of the 70s NBC Comedy Chico and the Man and who also appeared on Bonanza in the Season 9 episode, 'A Girl Named George.'