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Episodes appear in order of original air date which may not coincide with when they were actually filmed. Episodes that are linked have an In-Depth article.

Season 8: Episodes #236-244 | #245-252 | #253-261 | #262-269

Something Hurt

Episode #236: Something Hurt, Something Wild

Air Date: September 11, 1966   Written by: William R. Cox   Directed by: William Witney
Guest Stars: Lynn Loring (Laurie Ferguson), Lyle Bettger (Jed Feguson), Ron Foster (Stark), Erik Holland (Cleve Ferguson)

Joe is accused of assault by one of the Cartwright's neighboring ranchers.

Trivia: Lyle Bettger, Laurie's father, previously seen in season three's, "The Guilty". Lynn Loring (Laurie), was one of the original cast members on the CBS soap opera Search for Tomorrow, and was also the producer of the 1983 movie Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton.

Different Hue

Episode #237: Horse of a Different Hue

Air Date: September 18, 1966   Written by: William R. Cox   Directed by: William Witney
Guest Stars: Charlie Ruggles (Col. Fairchild), Julie Parrish (Patty Lou Fairchild), Skip Homier (Jack Geller), Bing Russell (Clem Foster), Johnny Silver (Snowden), Joe Haworth (O'Leary), Steven Marlo (MacKaye), John McKee (Fairly), Kenneth MacDonald (Sheriff), Chuck Roberson (Larcher)

An old friend of Ben's shows up at the Ponderosa, and to keep any of the Cartwrights from being killed, has to make sure Little Joe doesn't win a horse race.

Trivia: Beauty makes his twenty-fifth appearance on the series. In this episode he plays Clancy, the black horse Little Joe rides in the town race.

A Time to Step Down

Episode #238: A Time to Step Down

Air Date: September 25, 1966   Written by: Frank Chase   Directed by: Paul Heinreid
Guest Stars: Ed Begley Sr. (Dan Tolliver), Audrey Totter (Beth Riley), Donald 'Red' Barry (Temple), Sherwood Price (Sand), Renny McEnvoy (Flint)

Ben's longtime friend Dan Tolliver is asked to step down from his job on the Cartwright Ranch. Upset at the thought that he is considered too old for his job, he plans a kidnapping and robbery to get back at the Cartwrights.

Trivia: Ed Begley, Sr., as Dan Tolliver, was previously seen in Season Seven's "The Other Son" as Clint. Don "Red" Barry as Temple, was previously seen in Season Six - "The Saga Of Squaw Charlie". Sherwood Price as Sand, in his last Bonanza episode, was previously seen in Season Five - "My Son, My Son"; Season Two - "Silent Thunder" and "The Secret"; and in Season One - "Escape To Ponderosa".


Episode #239 & #240: The Pursued

Air Date: Part 1 - October 2, 1966; Part 2 - October 9, 1966   Written by: Thomas Thompson, Marc Michaels   Directed by: William Witney
Guest Stars: Eric Fleming (Heber Clauson), Dina Merrill (Susannah Clauson), Lois Nettleton (Elizabeth Ann), Vincent Beck (Carbo), Booth Colman (Parley), Robert Brubaker (Menken), Jean Inness (Mrs. Lang), Donald Elson (Mr. Lang), Nelson Leigh (Dr. Bingham), Byron Morrow (Reverend Blaisdale)

The Cartwrights head to Beehive, Nevada to buy horses from a Morman with two wives. The Cartwrights have no problem with this, but the town folk do.

Trivia: The late Eric Fleming was in Season Seven's, "Peace Officer" as Wes Dunn, and shortly after he finished this episode, he died South America.

To Bloom for Thee

Episode #241: To Bloom for Thee

Air Date: October 16, 1966   Written by: June Randolph   Directed by: Sutton Roley
Guest Stars: Geraldine Brooks (Carol Attley), Don Haggerty (Demers)

Hoss is engaged to a woman with a past.

Trivia: Look familiar? Geraldine Brooks as Hoss' love, was cast as Elizabeth Stoddard, in Season Two's "Elizabeth, My Love".

Credit for A Kill

Episode #242: Credit for A Kill

Air Date: October 23, 1966   Written by: Fredrick Lewis Fox   Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Don Collier (Sheriff Fenton), Luana Patten (Lorna Medford), Dean Harens (Tanner), Regina Gleason (Martha Tanner), Charles Maxwell (Virgil Jordan), Edward Faulkner (Casey), Ted Markland (Boone Jordan), Troy Melton (Walt Jordan), John J. Fox (Bartender)

Joe requests reward money from a sheriff in order to keep his friend from getting killed.

Trivia: Don Collier as the Sheriff, was previously seen in Season Two's, "The Mission" and in Season Four's, "The Good Samaritan". Ted Markland, who portrayed Boone Jordan, was also in David Dortort's, The High Chaparral.

Four Sisters

Episode #243: Four Sisters From Boston

Air Date: October 30, 1966   Written by: John M. Chester   Directed by: Alan Crossland, Jr.
Guest Stars: Vera Miles (Sarah Lowell), Lyn Edgington (Gabrielle), Madeline Mack (Lorraine), Melinda Plowman (Heather)

The Cartwrights come to the aid of four inept ladies.

Trivia: Vera Miles was later seen in Season Twelve's, "A Time To Die".

Old Charlie

Episode #244: Old Charlie

Air Date: November 6, 1966   Written by: Robert and Wanda Duncan   Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: John McIntire (Charlie), Jeanette Nolan (Annie), Tim McIntire (Billy Barker/George Barker), Hal Baylor (Jack Barker)

Hoss help out an old loudmouth.

Trivia: A family affair - John McIntire, his wife, Jeanette Nolan and his son Tim McIntire all starred in this episode.