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Episodes appear in order of original air date which may not coincide with when they were actually filmed. Episodes that are linked have an In-Depth article.

Season 9: Episodes #270-277 | #278-285 | #286-294 | #295-303

Sure Thing

Episode #278: The Sure Thing

Air Date: November 12, 1967   Written by: Sidney Ellis, Robert Vincent Wright   Directed by: William Witney
Guest Stars: Kim Darby (Trudy Loughlin), Tom Tully (Burt Loughlin), William Bryant (Harper), King Moody (Carter)

A young girl's ownership of a stallion is jeopardized by the "big plans" of her scheming father.

Trivia: Kim Darby(Trudy) makes her first and only appearance in the series. An actor for 40 years, Darby was twenty-one when producer Hal Wallis saw her in an episode of Run For Your Life and decided to offer the coveted role of Mattie Ross, opposite John Wayne's Rooster Cogburn, in 1969's True Grit. The classic western earned Wayne his only Oscar and made Kim Darby a film star. Still acting, since 1990 she has also been teaching her craft and is asked to give seminars at universities and film schools throughout the country. Her own training and lifelong experience over the last four decades has provided her with a rich perspective as well as a diverse collection of skills which she enjoys sharing with enthusiastic students.

Showdown At Tahoe

Episode #279: Showdown At Tahoe

Air Date: November 19, 1967   Written by: Thomas Thompson   Directed by: Gerald Mayer
Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Richard Anderson (Jameson Fillmore), Karl Swenson (Capt. Nells Larson), Sheila Larken (Julie Larson), Kevin Hagen (Brother Guy)

Jamison Fillmore and his gang plan to rob a million dollars from Ben's timber operation, then use his paddle wheel steamboat, the Dixie, to escape across Lake Tahoe.

Trivia: Two future cast members of Little House on the Prairie, Karl Swenson (Larson) and Kevin Hagen( Brother Guy) appear in this episode. They would portray Lars Hanson and Doctor Hiram Baker on Michael Landon's next series.

Six Black Horses

Episode #280: Six Black Horses

Air Date: November 26, 1967   Written by: William Jerome and Michael Landon   Directed by: Don Daves
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith (Onie Duggan), David Lewis (Hubert Giblin), Richard X. Slattery (McCoy), Judy Parker (Julie Duggan), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)

Ben's old friend has stolen money from corrupt politicians in New York and plans to invest in Nevada.

Trivia: This was Burgess Meredith's first and only appearance in the series. Meredith is probably best known for his portrayal of The Penguin on the 1960s television series Batman, as well as his performance as Rocky Balboa's trainer Mickey in the Rocky movies of the '80's and '90's.

Because of his very liberal political views, he collided with Senator Joseph McCarthy and was blacklisted from films in the late 1950s. Meredith, one might say, got revenge on McCarthy by portraying Joseph Welch, the man who humiliated McCarthy on national television, in Tail Gunner Joe (1977). On the Batman (1966) TV series, he developed his grunting Penguin laugh out of necessity. Meredith had given up smoking some twenty-odd years earlier, but his character was required to smoke with a cigarette holder. The smoke would get caught in his throat and he would start coughing. Rather than constantly ruin takes, he developed the laugh to cover it up. "Actually, it was a pretty funny noise for a penguin to make," said Meredith. "I sounded more like a duck." Needless to say, Meredith gave up smoking again immediately after the series ended.

Interestingly enough, producers had originally wanted Spencer Tracy in the role, but Tracy wouldn't sign unless his character was allowed to kill Batman. Obviously, they did not want to kill the main character, so the role went to Meredith.

Check Rein

Episode #281: Check Rein

Air Date: December 3, 1967   Written by: Robert I. Holt, Olney Sherman   Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), James MacArthur (Jayce Fredericks), Patrica Hyland (Kathy), Ford Rainey (Gabriel Bingham)

The Cartwrights help to prevent a young man's uncle from wrongfully acquiring an exceptional stallion.

Trivia: This was James MacArthur's(Jace) only appearance in the series. He is best known for his portrayal of Detective Danny Williams on the CBS drama, Hawaii 5-0 from 1968-1979. He is the adoptive son of screen legend Helen Hayes and playwright Charles MacArthur.

Justice Deferred

Episode #282: Justice Deferred

Air Date: December 17, 1967   Written by: Jack Miller   Directed by: Gerald Mayer
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland (Mel Barnes/Frank Scott), Nita Talbot (Gladys), Carl Reindel (Andy Buchanan), Ray Teal (Sheriff Roy Coffee)

Hoss cannot convince Andy Buchanan they convicted the wrong man of murder, and when Andy refuses to testify against the real killer, the results are devastating.

Trivia: This was the second of Simon Oakland's three appearances in the series. One of the movies' most memorable tough guys, Simon Oakland actually began his career as a concert violinist, turning to acting in the late 1940s.

Gold Detector

Episode #283: The Gold Detector

Air Date: December 24, 1967   Written by: Ward Hawkins   Directed by: Don Daves
Guest Stars: Wally Cox (Professor Albert McNulty), Paul Fix (Barney Webb), Caroline Richter (Casey Webb), Kelly Thordsen (Vern Higgins), Dub Taylor (Simon), Chubby Johnson (Cash)

Hoss wants to buy a mine thought to be worthless and orders a fancy invention to prove it isn't and becomes the local laughingstock in town.

Trivia: This was character actor Chubby Johnson's 6th of 8 appearances in the series. This gruff western comedy sidekick was a jack-of-all-trades in real life - at different times of his life was a reporter, columnist, journalist, radio announcer and even a butcher.


Episode #284: The Trackers

Air Date: January 7, 1968   Written by: Louis Bercovitch, Fredrick Louis Fox   Directed by: Marc Daniels
Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Warren Stevens (Sam Brogan), Bruce Dern (Cully Mako), Warren Vanders (Buzz)

Ben helps hunt down an ex-con he helped convict of bank robbery five years before, when the bank is robbed again. The man claimed he was innocent the first time and had nothing to do with the latest robbery.

Trivia: This was Warren Stevens'(Bregan) third of four appearances in the series. He was a close friend of the actor Gregory Peck.

This was Bruce Dern's first of two appearances in the series. He has the distinction of being one of the few actors to have killed John Wayne on screen in The Cowboys (1972). He even received some death threats out of it. Dern is the father of actress Laura Dern, from his marriage to actress Diane Ladd.


Episode #285: A Girl Named George

Air Date: January 14, 1968   Written by: William H. Wright   Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Jack Albertson (Enos Blessing), Sheilah Wells (George), Gerald Mohr (Cato Troxell)

Trick photography is used to help a killer beat a murder rap. However, the camera also proves to be his undermining.

Trivia: A former song-and-dance man and veteran of vaudeville, burlesque and Broadway, Jack Albertson is best known to audiences as "The Man" in the TV series Chico and the Man (1974), for which he won an Emmy. In 1968 Albertson, the brother of actress Mabel Albertson, won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in The Subject Was Roses (1968), a part which also won him the Tony award during its Broadway run.